Вашата кошничка е празна Άδειο Καλάθι


In view of the fact that there is no human intervention in online ordering it is of utmost importance that you read carefully the following terms of use before entering your details and/or placing your order. 

  • Minimum browser requirements in order to order through our site: Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2, Safari 4, or later versions with JavaScript activated
  • Once the order has been sent no change or cancellation can take place.
  • Coupon redemption can only be effected if coupons are marked valid for online ordering
  • Up to one Special pizza ingredient can be replaced free. All other replacements are charged according to the prevailing price list. Deducting ingredients does not change the price of the pizza.
  • Any change of ingredients in pizzas under offer or at a reduced price are charged according to the prevailing price list.
  • Minimum order for delivery is 240DEN.
  • When ordering for the first time you may be contacted by phone for confirmation. Please remember to enter your phone number when logging in !
  • Domino’s cannot guarantee and bears no responsibility should www.dominos.mk fail to be accessible for whatever reason.

Private Data Protection 

The services offered through www.dominos.mk including online ordering of Domino’s products requires us to be able to contact you. It is therefore necessary that you declare upon logging in, your true personal details, i.e. your name, email, address and telephone number. By proceeding to log in you agree you give your consent to the use and processing of your personal data that you have entered at your own will.


Domino’s holds the personal data that you have provided by filling in the respective fields in the electronic logging in form to be used within the context of various campaigns and/or newsletters that it may circulate from time to time.


The purpose of gathering your personal details is for Domino’s to process your requested order through the website and provide the service.


Within the context of the provided services, Domino’s reserves the right to use your details in order to communicate with you either in relation to the specific order or other information in relation to its other products and services. In the event that you do not wish to receive such information you can send an email to help@dominos.mk stating “I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE ANY NEWSLETTERS


At any time you can request by email sent to help@dominos.mk to be informed about your personal data held with Domino’s as well as all recent communications and amendments or deletions. Please send a copy of your ID card or passport when doing so.


The personal details provided during initial log in or at a later stage through www.dominos.mk are held and are processed according to the valid terms about Personal Data Protection, law N.2472/1997 and law N.3471/2006 or any amendments thereof.


Access to personal data is only made available to authorized personnel who have to have access in order to effect the purpose of gathering the specific information. Domino’s may authorize third parties to have access to the data strictly for processing purposes.


Domino’s also has the right to disclose the data to third parties provided by you through www.dominos.mk in such a way that the information does not disclose the person behind the data. Such disclosure would be done in order to obtain statistical data for research and/or marketing, (for example research companies).


Domino’s has the right to modify these terms at any time by announcing such modifications on its website www.dominos.mk


When logging in to www.dominos.mk you unconditionally agree to the above terms of use.